Terms of Sale

New England Biolabs (Australia) Pty Ltd
General Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. Acceptance of Terms

1.1 These are the terms and conditions (“Terms”) under which we (New England Biolabs (Australia) Pty Ltd, or NEBA) sell our products to you, and they will govern all your product orders and purchases from NEBA. Our offer to sell products is expressly conditioned upon your acceptance of these Terms. You will be deemed to have accepted these Terms unless you return the products you received to us unopened and unused in accordance with Section 3 of these Terms no later than 10 days after your receipt. Our failure to object to any terms and conditions contained in any purchase order or other document from you will neither be construed as our acceptance of such terms and conditions, nor a waiver of these Terms or any of our rights at law.

1.2 These Terms, including all documents incorporated herein by reference, any quotation issued to you from us, and those specific terms of a purchase order or other document that are either consistent with these Terms or expressly agreed upon by us in writing, constitute the entire contract between us relating to the subject matter hereof (the “Contract”), and supersede all prior agreements and understandings between us, whether written or oral. Any additional or different terms and conditions are hereby rejected and will be void. In the event of a conflict, a quotation takes precedence over these Terms, and a written contract covering the same subject matter signed by both of us takes precedence over both.

1.3 If one or more of these Terms are held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable it is to be read down so as to be enforceable, valid and legal.  If this is not possible, the clause (or where possible, the offending part) is to be served from the Contract without affecting the enforceability, validity or legality of the remaining clauses (or parts of those clauses) which will continue in full force and effect.

2. Orders and Delivery

2.1 All orders are subject to our acceptance and availability of the products. Any changes that you may propose to the specifications, quantities, method of shipment, schedule or place of delivery of products must be provided to us in writing and may be accepted by us at our discretion. We reserve the right to make delivery in instalments, which will be separately invoiced by us and paid for by you when due per invoice. We may make changes to product specifications that do not materially affect the quality or performance of the products.

2.2 All of our products are sold FCA our facility. Products are delivered when we load them onto the commercial carrier at our facility. At this point, Title and risk to the products will pass to you and you will become responsible for risk of loss and damage. If any product is lost or damaged while it is being transported, we will try to help you address the problem with the carrier. We will not be responsible for any non-delivery or delay in delivery of the goods to the extent that such an occurrence is beyond our control. You must take out all appropriate insurance cover including transit insurance to protect against any such loss, damage or delay.  

3. Inspection and Returns

3.1 To the extent permitted by law, if any products supplied are either damaged or defective on delivery, or if there are any delivery errors or shortages, you must contact Customer Service within 10 days from the day you receive the products to be eligible for a refund or replacement of the product.

3.2 To the extent permitted by law, when you contact Customer Service, we will give you instructions on returning the products and on replacements, however, you must return any such products not later than 20 days after you first received them.

3.3 If you do not contact us within the initial 10-day period, the products will be deemed accepted, but you will not lose any warranty rights.

3.4 Claims for replacement or refund will not be effective unless approval is provided by our Customer Service and a returned material authorisation number is given to you prior to the return of products.

3.5 To the extent permitted by law, the determination of whether a refund or replacement is provided will be at our discretion and subject to your compliance with this clause 3 and instructions provided to you by Customer Service. Not all items will be authorised for return, due to temperature and packing requirements. We may require you to sign and deliver a properly completed certificate of decontamination prior to returning any product. Items authorised for return must arrive at our facilities in a state satisfactory for resale (to be determined by us) to be eligible for product credit.

4. Credits and Refunds

4.1 For any properly returned products, at our discretion, we may replace the products free of charge, issue a product credit or refund for the product value and shipping charges. No product credit will be available for use if you owe us any amounts or there is a balance outstanding on the account in which case you authorise us to set off all refunds or credit amounts we may owe you against all such unpaid amounts.

4.2 Any product credit not used within six (6) months of the date of issue will expire.

5. Price, Taxes and Other Charges

5.1 If we do not provide you with a written quotation or if the price is not specified in a written contract between us, the price will be the list price that applies on the date we receive your order, a copy of which will be provided to you on the placing on your order.

5.2 Our prices are subject to change from time to time.

5.3 Unless otherwise stated, our prices do not include any taxes (including GST), duties, levies or other government fees that may apply to your order. If they apply, it will be your responsibility to pay them. You are also responsible for standard delivery and handling charges, if any, and such charges will be added to your invoice.

6. Payment

Invoices shall be paid in Australian. dollars within 30 days from the invoice date. Each order is a separate transaction, and you may not set-off payments from one order against another. If you are late in making payment, without affecting our other rights, we may suspend delivery or cancel the order or Contract, reject your future orders, and charge you a late-payment charge, from the due date until paid, at the rate of 1% per month (12% per year) or, if less, the maximum amount allowed by law. Our preferred payment methods are via electronic funds transfer or credit card. If you require a different method of payment, please contact info.au@neb.com to discuss other possible options.

7. Limited Warranty

7.1 Unless a different written warranty is included with product literature and subject to clause 7.3, we warrant to you that our products will conform to the technical specifications for such products as provided in our catalogues and literature accompanying the products until their respective expiration dates (if stated), or up to their respective number of uses as the case may be, or, three (3) months from the date of your receipt of such products, whichever is longer.

7.2, This warranty is exclusive, and we make no other representations or warranties of any kind whatsoever, express or implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of regarding results obtained through the use of any product, whether arising from a statute or otherwise in law or from a course of performance, dealing or usage of trade, all of which are expressly disclaimed. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not exclude or limit the application of any provision of any statute where to do so would contravene that statute or cause any part of this clause to be void.

7.3 If we manufacture custom goods for you based on instructions, specifications, or other directions you provide to us, we will not be liable for the lack of sufficiency, fitness for purpose or quality of the goods to the extent attributable to such instructions, specifications, or other directions.  We will not warrant any such products and you must indemnify us for all loss suffered to incurred arising out of any such manufacture of custom goods which may be dangerous or defective or otherwise cause loss, damage, pain and suffering, liability, expense, cost and any other matter.

7.4 To the extent permitted by law, our warranty will not be effective and will be void if we determine (acting reasonably) that you have altered or misused the products or have failed to use or store them in accordance with our instructions, or if the defects to the products result from neglect or accident caused by you. Our sole and exclusive liability, and your exclusive remedy with respect to products returned within the warranty period and proved to our satisfaction (applying analytical methods reasonably selected by us) to be defective or nonconforming, will be the replacement of the products free of charge upon your return of the products in accordance with our instructions, although at our discretion we may provide a credit or refund in accordance with Section 4 above. Warranty claims must be made in writing within 30 days after you discover that the product does not conform.

7.3 We do not support or make any warranties about products manufactured by third parties you purchased through one of our sales channels. Such products are subject to the warranties, if any, of their respective manufacturers to the extent they are transferable or otherwise available to our customers. You must look directly to the relevant third-party manufacturer for warranties and to make warranty claims.

7.4 Unless otherwise agreed, all technical assistance and information we provide to you regarding the products will be provided gratis, and you assume sole responsibility for results obtained in reliance thereon. We make no warranty regarding such technical assistance or information.

7.5 You expressly acknowledge and agree that you have not relied upon any advice given by us, any of our agents or employees in relation to the suitability for any purpose of products supplied to you by us.

7.6 We exclude all liability to you in negligence for acts or omissions caused by us, our employees, agents and contractors and all liability to you in contract for consequential or indirect loss or damages, arising out of or in connection with this Agreement.

7.7 Subject to the above, in all other respects our liability in respect to all products sold or provided by us is excluded to the full extent permitted by Australian law and legislation.

8. Product Use and Restrictions

8.1 Except as otherwise agreed in writing by our authorised representative, all products are for RESEARCH USE ONLY, AND NOT FOR HUMAN OR ANIMAL THERAPEUTIC OR DIAGNOSTIC USE. We do not submit our products for regulatory review by any government body or other organisation, and we do not validate them for clinical, therapeutic or diagnostic use, or for safety and effectiveness. You are solely responsible for making sure that the way you use the products complies with applicable laws, regulations and governmental policies and for obtaining all necessary approvals, intellectual property rights, licenses and permissions that you may need related to your use. You represent and warrant to us that you will properly test, use, and, to the extent authorized, market any products purchased from us and any final articles made from them in accordance with the practices of a technically qualified individual and in strict compliance with all applicable governmental food, drug, device, and cosmetic requirements and other applicable governmental requirements, now and hereinafter enacted. Because our products are intended primarily for research purposes, they may not be on the inventory listed in the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 (Cth) (the “Act”). You assume responsibility to assure that the products you purchase from us are approved for use under the Act, if applicable.

8.2 It is solely your responsibility to make sure the products are suitable for your particular use and to conduct any research necessary to learn the hazards involved for any of your uses of products purchased from us. You also have the duty and to warn your customers, employees and any auxiliary personnel of any risks involved in using or handling the products. You agree to comply with instructions for use of the products furnished by us, if any, and not to misuse the products. If the products purchased from us are to be repackaged, relabelled or used as starting materials or components of other products, you will verify our assay of the products, qualify the products provided by us for such applications, and comply with all governmental requirements relating to labelling or providing other communications to customers. You acknowledge that we provide material Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for our products, and that they are available electronically on our web site at www.nebiolabs.com.au, or in paper copy by contacting NEBA at 1800 934 218, and that you are willing and able to access SDSs by these means.

8.3 You may not perform compositional, structural, functional or other analysis of our products, or undertake deconvolution or reverse engineering with respect to our products.

9. Limited Rights

You acknowledge and agree that any and all intellectual property rights in the products and in any NEB technology, including know-how used to make or useful for the manufacture or use of the products will at all times remain vested in NEB and its licensors. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by our authorized representative, your purchase of the products only grants you a limited, non-transferable right to use the quantity of the products that you have purchased from us for your internal research purposes only, and in compliance with the applicable intended use statement, limited use statement or limited label license, if any, in our current catalogue, website or on the label or other documentation accompanying the products (all such statements or licenses being incorporated herein by reference as if set forth herein in their entirety). No right to resell our products or any of their components is conveyed expressly, by implication, or by estoppel. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by our authorized representative, we provide no rights to use our products in commercial applications of any kind, including, without limitation, manufacturing, quality control or commercial services such as reporting the results of your activities for a fee or other form of consideration. It is solely your responsibility to determine whether you may be required to obtain any additional or third party intellectual property rights depending upon the particular application in which you use the product. If you need commercial use rights to our products (including the right to perform fee-for-services), please contact NEB’s Global Business Development department at busdev@neb.com.

10. Indemnity

10.1 You may have certain rights and remedies under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and other laws, which may also imply certain conditions and warranties into this Agreement. We do not exclude, restrict or modify those rights, remedies or conditions and warranties to the extent that to do so would constitute a contravention of the provision of those laws.

10.2 To the extent permitted by law, other than in the case of gross negligence or wilful misconduct or that of our affiliates, you will indemnify us and keep us indemnified, together with our officers, agents, employees, distributors and affiliates ("Indemnified Party") for any claim, loss, damage, expense or other liability (including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs) which may be made against an Indemnified Party as a result of:

(a)    your acts, omissions, use or modification of a product;
(b)    our manufacture or sale of a product we make under your instructions, specifications, or other directions;
(c)    your failure to comply with the Contract,;
(d)    your failure to acquire any applicable additional rights related to your use of the products; or
(e)    our use of materials you provide to us.

11. Limitations of Liability

11.1 To the maximum extent permitted by law, we will not be liable under any legal theory (including but not limited to contract, negligence, strict liability in tort or warranty of any kind) for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive, multiple, exemplary or consequential damages (including but not limited to costs of cover, lost profits, lost data, loss of business, loss of goodwill or loss of revenue) that you might incur under the Contract, or that may arise from or in connection with our products or services, even if we had notice of the possibility of such damages. In addition, our maximum aggregate liability arising out of or in connection with the Contract, or any product, is limited to the amount you paid to us for the product purchased.

11.2 Delivery dates and times are estimates only and we will not be liable (in contract, tort or otherwise) for any losses, expenses, claims or damages caused by a late delivery.

12. Export Control

You acknowledge that products received from us are subject to U.S. export control laws and regulations. You represent and warrant to us that you will not, directly or indirectly:

(a)    sell, export, re-export, transfer, divert, or otherwise dispose of any products, software, or technology (including products derived from or based on such technology) received from us to any destination, entity, or person prohibited by the laws or regulations of the U.S. and Australia; or
(b)    use the product for any use prohibited by the laws or regulations of the U.S. and Australia (whether of state or federal jurisdiction), without obtaining prior authorisation from the relevant government department or agency as required by those laws and regulations.

13. Miscellaneous

We will not be responsible or liable for failing to perform our obligations under the Contract to the extent caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control. Our exercise of any option or failure to exercise any rights hereunder will not constitute a waiver of our rights to damages for breach of contract and will not constitute a waiver of any subsequent failure, delay, or breach by you. If any provision or part of the Contract is found by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability will not affect the other provisions of the Contract. Headings are for convenience only and will not be used in the interpretation of these Terms. This Contract is governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia. Each party irrevocably submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Victoria, Australia. You agree to keep confidential any non-public technical information, commercial information (including prices, without limitation) or instructions received from us as a result of discussions, negotiations and other communications between us in relation to our products or services. We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time on prior written notice. Any changes made to these Terms will not apply to the Contract between us for any order we receive before the changes are made.  You will be deemed to have accepted our new Terms following upon placing your next order following such change.